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Author. Advocate. Motivational Speaker. Conqueror.

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Angela Wright is an amazing author, awesome advocate and moving motivational speaker who brings a thought-provoking look into her personal life through her new self-empowerment book. Her captivating story encourages and inspires one to move from mundane to motivated while standing face to face with adversity and opposition.. 


Born and raised in New Jersey, Angela is an advocate for criminal justice reform and an agent for change. She is likewise committed to supporting young people who are a proven risk for incarceration. Her passion is fueled by her own time served in federal prison for over a decade. 

During this time, Angela, a former educator, and graduate of Clark Atlanta University, found herself on a journey where freedom was first found behind bars. It was during her time of incarceration that she began the process of transformation into a better version of herself.

Many people believe their past defines them, but for Angela her past is a private jet experience to her destiny!


Ms. Wright is making changes around the world but it all starts at home. Find out how she is making a difference in her community and click the link below.

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